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Upto 100% Dandruff Reduction  💯🚿

Carbon Complex Technology cleanses the hair & scalp. It removes dandruff causing fungus and white flakes. Our vegan tested formula helps to purify the hair follicles, promoting and nourishing for hair growth. It also helps to control excess oil production, making it suitable for both oily and combination hair types.

Contains Butterfly Pea Flower = Super Healthy Hair  


✅ Eliminates Dandruff
✅ Deeply cleanses the Scalp
✅ Controls excess oil production
✅ Smoothes Dry & Frizzy Hair
✅ Targets oily scalp

How to use?

Wet hair, apply shampoo, massage into a lather, focusing on the scalp, and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if desired. Use regularly for clean, healthy-looking hair.

Key Ingredients

Active herbs, Coconut milk, Butterfly Pea Flower, Aloe Vera & Multi-vitamins