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Activated carbon or charcoal is the by-product of slow-burnt coconut shell, bamboo, coco peat or wood pulverized into a fine black powder form. The activation process can be done either chemically or through the use of steam.

At CARBON BAE, we use coconut shell for the steam activation process. It produces high class quality -200 medical grade coconut shell steam activated charcoal fine powder and are used for unique distillation process.

What is DAC ?

We use a special method called DAC, which stands for Distillate of Activated Charcoal. The term "distillate" typically refers to the condensed liquid that is collected during a distillation process. This means we heat an herb or plant and collect highly carbon-rich leftover which is then blended into the product formulation. In this way, we get the high efficacy content that helps in better performance. 

How does activated charcoal work ?

Activated charcoal traps toxins and impurities in its millions of tiny pores through a process called adsorption. The surface area of activated charcoal is positively charged and attracts negative elements such as stains, dirt, impurities, toxins and chemicals. Steam activated coconut shell charcoal contained in CARBON BAE products helps in teeth whitening and detoxifying skin & body through this process of intense adsorption.

Activated Charcoal + Indian Ayurveda 

We blend the last stage steam activated charcoal(-200 grade) with active Ayurvedic herbal ingredients to develop unique formulation that works for your skin & body. Most of the herbal ingredients (Ayurveda) used in our products are seasonal and sourced from the pristine forests of the Western Ghats. They are then purified and processed at various stages to enhance their natural efficiency.

Our Quality Standards

NSF, EU, JIS, AWWA, AARL, IS and ASTM are some of the International Standards adhered to for Coconut Shell Steam Activated Charcoal. 

Activated Charcoal used in CARBON BAE products are manufactured at US FDA Approved facility. And are infused with Ayurvedic clean vegan ingredients, manufactured with GMP standards so as to make sure that our products is having global premium quality. We believe meticulous commitment to quality is the best way to acquire and retain customers. Our products go through stringent quality checks at every stage. A compact but highly capable panel of ayurveda doctors (R&D) at vaidyasala are engaged in continuous research to ensure the products that reach you are the best in their class.